Work Orders and Scheduling

PricePoint has a full featured scheduling and dispatch program that is available at the touch of a button! Create a work order, assign mechanics to the job, and put it into an electronic schedule book. We've made some big improvements to our scheduling program that make it truly a world class scheduling tool! The new version features drag and drop scheduling with job data shown on movable schedule panels. Click on the move handle to move the schedule, click on the extend handle to change the job duration. Switch mechanics by moving schedule panels to other columns, or adjust schedule and change mechanics with the new change mechanics dropdown in change schedule dialog. Week View by mechanic, change date or time within the week by dragging schedule panel. Month View with schedule preview - displays a schedule icon if any jobs are scheduled for the day. The icon color changes to show a light schedule vs a heavy schedule for the day. Click on the day in month view to display the day schedule. Cut, Copy schedule panel from one day and Paste onto another day or from one mechanic to another! - Tim

How it Works

Colored panels in scheduling! Create work order types other than Daywork, Contract and Extra. When creating a new type, pick a color to display the work order panel in the scheduling app and pick an invoice type that the work order type will convert to when converting it from WO to Invoice.

Work Order Types

You may define up to 1000 work order types. Each type may be displayed in the color of your choice to make scheduling easier.

To create a new work order type, click the drop down arrow at the far right of the panel.

Create a name for the new type. Then click Click to Change and choose a color, you can even make up your own colors if you wish.

Set Invoice type when completed to the desired job category (Day Work, Contract or Extra) to tell PricePoint what to do when the work order type is converted to an invoice upon completion.

Changing a Schedule

To move job to another mechanic or a different time on the same day:

Grab the schedule panel's Move handle by clicking and holding down the mouse button. Then drag to another mechanic or time of day. To change the duration of the job, Grab the schedule panel's Extend handle with the mouse pointer and extend or shorten the panel.


To move job to another mechanic or time on a day that is not displayed:

Right click the schedule block that needs changing
Choose Cut from the popup
Navigate to the date (day view) or week (week view) as required
Left click the appropriate starting time and choose Paste


Choose Adjust Schedule from the popup

To change the Time of day:

Click the Change Time up or down arrows to adjust the starting time.

To change the date of the work scheduled:

Click the new date on the Change Schedule calendar.

To change the mechanic:

Select a different name in the Change Mechanic drop down.

Click Change Schedule button.

The Schedule grid should now display the changes.

Note: If the Change Schedule button becomes disabled (greyed out), there is a schedule conflict with another work order for this time and date.

Blocking out Time

You'll need to reserve time for travel or vacation in your schedule. Or you may wish to fine tune a schedule once you are more familiar with the job requirements.

Start the Schedule program.
Select cells to block out in the schedule grid.

Choose Block Out Selection
Choose Travel, Lunch, Vacation or Clear from the popup.

Tip: To easily block out time for a vacation, switch to a mechanic's week view to select a range of days within the week.

Viewing a Summary

The summary of a work order displays all of the essential details such as the name, address, value and all the scheduled dates and times.
Start the Schedule program.
Double click on the scheduled block (avoid the Move and Extend buttons, please)

Use your modem to dial any of the contact numbers on a summary page by clicking the adjacent dialer button.

Note: If there is no job note, there won't be a Job Note tab. If you have not yet saved the work order, only the schedule tab will show.

Changing to the Month View

Click the Month view button. The month view displays the state of the company schedule for each day. The wrench is white if there are 2 of fewer jobs scheduled, Yellow for 4 - 6 jobs and Yellow with a red wrench for more than 6. This is a handy way of seeing how crowded the schedule is for any particular day. Click any day in the month view to display the day view.

Changing to the Week View for a Mechanic

Click the Week view button. The scheduler will display the week view for the first mechanic in your list.

Or, if the day view is active, click the heading showing the mechanic's name to display that mechanic's week schedule

Drag a schedule to another day during the week for this mechanic or right click the schedule panel and select Adjust schedule to move to another day or mechanic. View a week view for a different mechanic by selecting another name from the mechanic drop down, or select a different week by selecting it from the drop down.

Changing back to Day View

Click Day View.

Service Agreements and Reminders

What is a Service Agreement?

A service agreement is a contract sold to a customer promising a number of visits to perform a service check-up for a nominal fee. It also provides for a discount on materials/labor on all work performed during the term of the agreement.

Why is this important to a service business?

Industry experts suggest that service agreements can expand a service business by improving repeat business. The discount offered to the customer decreases the likelihood of price shopping while each visit serves as a sales opportunity to earn the customer's trust. The customer may even request a "while you're here" extra. Service agreements also provide a way of helping to fill up the schedule during a slow period.

When a service agreement is sold, PricePoint reminds users to contact the customer with Visit Reminders.

At left is the dialog responsible for creating a new service agreement. Simply set the agreement type, the term, visits per year, and the types of actions to include for each visit reminder.

Each service agreement has a type. Each type is linked to the text of the service agreement document that can be printed out when the agreement is created. Below is the dialog for creating the service agreement type which features a full featured text editor.

Each visit reminder contains a number of actions that need to be performed by office staff. For example: office staff will need to contact the customer in order to make an appointment for the visit, or send a reminder postcard to customers. The software provides for direct dialing of customer contact phone, printing address labels and scheduling work orders for due reminders.

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