Send Invoices, Estimates and Proposals via Email!

The cost of postage just keeps going up and it seems that letters take longer and longer to reach your customer. PricePoint includes a nifty feature allowing you to email invoices, estimates and proposals to your customers. Alternatively, you may use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or 2007 to send your message. To start simply click . PricePoint will always look in the customer note field for an email address. If more than one email is stored in the customer note, PricePoint will use the first one it finds.

Now PricePoint creates a PDF of your document, a file type that can be viewed by any computer with the free version of Adobe Acrobat viewer installed. You’ll see a quick progress window appear as PricePoint creates this file, then attaches the PDF to the new message. The new message will be displayed either by the built in Email dialog or Outlook. To use Outlook, see below.

PricePoint's built in email sender

If you want to use Outlook instead of PricePoint’s built in email sender, click . This will open Outlook and create a new email message with the PDF attached. Running Outlook this way will not change the default email method in PricePoint, however. It will only use Outlook when you click the button from the built in email dialog. If you want to always use Outlook to send your email, you’ll need to set that option in Setup, Computer Info and click the Email Options tab.

Note: If Outlook 2003 or 2007 is not installed on your computer, the Outlook button will remain disabled.

Customer Information with 2 Email Addresses!

You can attach any file you like to your message because the new version of the Email Document dialog now includes a drop down button to attach the document of your choosing.

Email Schedule Summaries to Smart Phones

Setting up email addresses for mechanics

On the Schedule window menu bar click Mechanics, Mechanic Info

This is where you enter all the contact information about each mechanic in your mechanic list. Enter an Email address, a picture of each mechanic, emergency contact phone and contact person. If you can't see the slot for the information you need to enter, slide the scrollbar at the far right of the mechanic info tab. When you're ready, click Save Changes.

Adding or Deleting Mechanics

Click or to add or delete a mechanic. If adding a mechanic, the mechanic name must be unique. Deleting a mechanic will remove all of their information from the program. Note: if you delete a mechanic, they will still show in the scheduling grid on days when they are still on the schedule.

Saving pictures of your mechanics

Paste a mechanic's picture by copying the picture from your photo software and then clicking Paste Picture.

Save a photo in a mechanic file by clicking first on Picture File then navigate to the location of your pictures by clicking the Look in drop down. The dialog will preview each picture at the right side. Select the desired picture and click the Open button.

Sending Schedule Emails

From the Schedule window click

Select the Mechanics you'd like to email or just check Print All to send to all on your list. Click the Email button to start the built in email application.

As you move through each mechanic in the email list at top left, you will see the message that will be sent to that mechanic in the bottom right message portion of the dialog. Each message is similar to the printed summary for each mechanic with the addition of the job description from the work order under the heading Customer/Office reports. If the email address is not filled in for the mechanic, fill one in now or the message cannot be sent. Check the box in the Send column of the Email list and click Send Messages

Email functions enhanced for Gmail

You can now set up PricePoint's built in email engine to work with your Gmail account by checking the Use TLS Encryption box in Email Setup.

Email Marketing Tool

Send promotional email to your customers with the email marketing tool. It works just like the mail merge routine but instead of creating a mail merge file, it opens the Email Marketing Message dialog so you can create and send a promotional email. Type your promotional message into the body of message box and fill in the subject line. Save the message and subject by clicking Save Body and Subject. Internet mail setup is the same as that found in email functions for Invoice, statements, etc.

New Customer Data Mining Tool: Ever want to send a thank you postcard (or an email message) to all your recent customers? Now you can pick names from the customer list by invoice date range to send a marketing message. In other words, give me the names of all the customers I have invoiced in the period X to Y and let me choose to send print a label (postcard) or design an email message.

To use this new tool, click on the Customer Data Mining Tools tab. At the bottom of the tab you'll see an Invoiced from checkbox and two date fields so you can specify a date range. Check the box and fill in a start and end date and pricepoint will fill the list with customers who have been invoiced within the date range. Pretty neat, Huh?

Note: PricePoint will build the list using all of the parameters that are checked off. So, If you just want a list of current customers, uncheck all the other data mining tools

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