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Introducing PleasePickUp!
The Grocery List Messaging App

Author’s Note

My wife and I have used a whiteboard on the refrigerator for the grocery list for many years. She would write down what we were out of that week, take a picture of it on her phone then take that to the market with her. When she asked me to go to the market for her, she would send me a picture of the list so I could pick it up for her. The problem with this system is that the items were all over the store, there was no guide for me to easily find them. With my background in database programming, I got to thinking there should be a better way!  What if I built an app that shows all the items we typically use and lets us select the items we are out of. When we’re ready to go to the store it would email a checklist organized by grocery department making the items easier to find. One year later, that is what PleasePickUp! can do for you for FREE. - Tim Clover

Easy does it – many grocery items all set up for you

PleasePickUp! installs into your phone with a basic set of grocery items arranged by department.  Each department has a thumbnail picture in the scrolling Grocery Departments menu.

Just tap the department to show the items in the Grocery items area.

(See below)

To order an item, tap the green target at the left border to show a blue checked heart. To increase the quantity ordered, tap the little plus near the right edge of each item. To cancel an item, tap the blue heart to show the green target.

Department Scrolling

Just tap the department to show the members.

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